Dating in the era that is millennial Love vs hookups

Are dating apps actually assisting us find love?

Our company is in a day and time where we look for love through apps. Whenever an algorithm informs us when we should fulfill someone and where hookups for intercourse are immediate but commitment and love are difficult to come across. As we sipped coffee post-work“If you are really keen on love, join a dating app or you will never meet anyone,” remarked my friend. Swiftly, using my phone and installing numerous dating apps, we brainstormed on questions like ‘what will be your biggest animal peeve?’ alongside choosing photos which were more likely to get me right-swiped straight away. When I set up my present picture, it felt ridiculous that technology may help me find love. We wondered if my Spotify playlist would somehow up my odds of finding a match whom enjoys Drake as far as I do.

Soon, feeling validated with four matches and a lot of choices, we proceeded a swiping spree. The the next thing we understand, i will be speaking with a man whoever playlist matches mine, who frequently would go to the gymnasium and it is simply 11 km away. “Hey, you may be pretty!” pops through to my display when I awkwardly type thank you. Quickly, our company is sharing memes and playlists as well as the discussion stops for my phone number, which feels like a significant step with him asking me.