This Travel-Loving Brides, Location That Unravels the Old Tale

“Can we be sure to never be at the digital digital digital camera? ”Now, What does a girl do when her fiance is camera unwilling and awkward? She does a solamente Pre-wedding shoot!

Doorways resulting in a new journey! Like every woman that has a zillion dreams for her wedding, we always dreamt of the zillion destinations to tick down my list.

Travel was, of course, my very very very first love. Therefore I thought why not celebrate my first love by dedicating a photoshoot to it while I was about to ditch my singlehood?

A shoot that is quirky a quirky bride: Celebrating my first love, Travel

The Original Concept. The notion of this pre-wedding shoot had been to amalgamate my love for architecture, offbeat travel, doorways, and tints in a photoshoot that could break preconceived notions and stereotypes around “pre-wedding” shoots.

Simply the plan would be to be myself and commemorate the traveller in me personally while ushering in this phase that is new of. There are dancing brides, boozing brides, Uber cool brides, smoking brides but here had been a travelling bride (just a couple of days before her wedding) visiting certainly one of her favourite locations and which makes it part of her wedding party!

The joy to getting an image shoot done at one of the favourite places Adorning a lehenga that is red we walked through the roads of Mathura. Tiny, slim lanes still locked into the past, aloof from urbanisation, nonchalant of this skyscrapers of urban centers. I walk previous shops that are old shutters mingled with electric cables, chai wallahs where tea ended up being nevertheless offered in Kulads.