Maps to assist you succeed in online dating sites – Over at we have actually a post about on the web matchmaker OKCupid’s weblog

Which analyzes the messages its members deliver to one another and creates interesting charts and graphs through the information.

The OKCupid weblog crunches data gathered from scores of messages delivered back and forth between its customers and reveals what forms of communications and terms bring about the absolute most reactions (combined with ones which can be sure-fire change offs). Even if you are not trying to find a intimate partner, you will discover that the graphs and maps offer fascinating insights into human instinct.

Especially interesting is the post en titled “Online Dating information: just what to state In a primary Message.” OKCupid analyzed the terms and expressions in 500,000 “first contact” communications. They discovered, for example, that “the worst 6 terms you should use in a first message are all stupid slang,” such as for example ur, r, u, ya, cant, and hit. Making use of ur shall drop the response price from 32 percent to 6 per cent! Another blunder is complimenting some body on their appearance. In the event that you state somebody is “sexy” you’ll nearly halve your odds of hearing back from their website. Having said that, a greeting of “just how’s it going?” will raise the response price to 53per cent. Individuals additionally react well to communications which make it clear you really browse the man or woman’s profile and now have something to state about any of it (using “you mention” in a note escalates the reaction price to 49%).