Match Group CEO Ginsberg has stated, explaining the company’s response protocols

“If there’s bad behavior using one software, ” “we can observe that user, we’ll kick him down most of the apps. ”

However some users whom reported their rape claims to your business describe a various result. Brittney Westphal, 31, who lives outside Aspen, Colorado, said she informed Tinder in 2015 that another individual had raped her to their very first date. She asked the app that is dating she could easily get a record of her conversations because of the accused as he “unmatched” her — which immediately deletes the history of interaction between two users — making her unable to provide their information or an archive of these conversations to police.

Tinder never ever responded, she stated, and neighborhood authorities declined to press fees. “I caused it to be clear for them Tinder like exactly just how severe this is, ” Westphal said, “and then I never heard anything. ” Within months, she stated she spotted her alleged attacker in the software once more.

A Utah university student, Madeline MacDonald, told Tinder in a December 2014 e-mail that she “was intimately assaulted (or one thing quite similar), ” records show. She offered the application with relevant information, such as the accused’s name, age and description that is physical. The day that is next their email correspondence shows, a Tinder worker asked for display shots of his software profile, including that a web link to the accused’s Facebook profile “could help too. ” MacDonald offered screenshots of their Facebook web web web page, including their company, town, senior school and telephone number. A worker reacted by requesting a web link to your Facebook web web page. MacDonald stated she threw in the towel. Sooner or later, she stated she saw her assailant that is alleged back Tinder.

3 years later on, based on Dixie State University Police Chief Blair Barfuss, a detective inside the device informed MacDonald that the person she had accused had allegedly assaulted three other females he came across through dating apps.