Letter Dear Annie: I’ve discovered proof to my boyfriend’s computer he denies it that he hasn’t been faithful, but

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice column.

Dear Annie: I’ve been with “Robby” for 3 years. I simply relocated in with him a couple weeks ago|weeks that are few, and I’ve been discovering some unpleasant surprises while using his computer. First, some racy was found by me pictures stored on their hard disk. Then, we saw in the web browser history that he’d been on online dating sites and saw that he’d been emailing with individuals from dating web sites, too. I asked him about any of it. He denies having done any one of that and claims he does not understand how that stuff got on their email and computer. Nevertheless the evidence is there. I don’t know very well what to accomplish. We don’t trust him, but i enjoy him plenty. Please assist me. — Therefore Confused and Hurt

Dear So Confused: will it be someone that is possible been signing onto their computer and planting incriminating photos and email messages? Theoretically, certain. Nonetheless it’s incredibly unlikely. Also it’s no wonder you’re confused; Robby has been doing absolutely nothing to allow you to realize. Unless and by you, start packing those boxes back up until he can tell you the truth and work to make it right.

Dear Annie: i have been dating my boyfriend for just two years now.