9 sex scenes that are best On ‘Gossip Girl’ You Completely Forgot About Until At This Time

“You view Gossip Girl? Is not it simply about a lot of rich young ones resting with one another and doing medications? ” No, Charlie from advertising! OK, yes, the best Gossip woman intercourse scenes are iconic and really should drop in television history, but in addition, the show is mostly about a lot more than that. It is about love, friendships, families, finding a family group in your friendships, once you understand just what friends need as soon as, being here regardless of any actually sh*tty thing that buddy may have done for you. couples cams (Which, OK, they did plenty of actually awful what to one another, nonetheless they had been constantly here whenever their friends required them. ) And, all narrated by Kristen freaking Bell. Catch my drift, Charlie? There is a global globe in and of it self when you look at the six periods being Gossip woman.

Although the whole show is amazing, the sex scenes are exemplary — all of these scandalous teens struggling to fight the desire to rest along with their stunning buddies (and frenemies). Oh, senior school. From Nate and Serena during the Sheppard wedding (in the club! ), to Blair and Chuck into the limo, as well as Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa’s threesome featuring a unique cameo by legend Hilary Duff. I am letting you know, these intercourse scenes are iconic.

Serena And Nate During The Sheppard Wedding

Ah, the infamous Sheppard wedding. Nate and Serena had been delivered away by Blair to “sober up, ” and alternatively, find yourself sex right in the club, with a smug Chuck viewing from above.

If i am being totally truthful, We shipped this couple through to the end. Yes, much more than Serena and Dan. Sue me personally.

Blair And Chuck In The Limo

This scene set the tone for Chuck and Blair’s infinitely whirling, on-again/off-again relationship.