Dating Sim. The standard concept of the dating sim is…

The standard concept of the dating sim is a game where in actuality the protagonist must choose from multiple prospective intimate partners and make an effort to woo them. Unlike aided by the artistic Novel genre, Dating Sims place lots of emphasis on rpg type elements, such as for instance statistics, shown by continuing to keep a lady’s love levels up and boosting up stats (cleverness, energy, etc. ) through using classes or taking part in tasks. Dating sims are nearly solely Japanese, to the level where popular Japanese news can recognizably parody components of the dating sim genre. Within the western, dating sims remain regarded as a niche market. Despite Western idea, dating sims are certainly not pornographic. In reality, pornographic relationship sims really are a razor- razor- sharp minority in commercial relationship games.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Genre Mechanics
    • 2.1 Several Endings
    • 2.2 Relationship Meters
  • 3 types of the Genre
    • 3.1 Tokimeki Franchise
    • 3.2 Hatoful Boyfriend
    • 3.3 Katawa Shoujo
  • 4 Reception
    • 4.1 Jurassic Heart


Even though the genre were only available in the 1980s, arguably the dating that is first to create it big is Tokimeki Memorial, first released when it comes to Computer in 1994.